Credit Strong - Credit Builder Savings Account

A Better Way To Build Credit - Build Credit History and/or have an installment account reported!

Build Credit - Payments reported to all 3 major credit bureaus

No Upfront Deposit - Pay as little as $8.95 to get started today. Monthly Deposit Plan Options: $15, $30, $50, $48, $89, $96

When you open your account, our bank instantly gives you a loan and places the loan funds in a FDIC insured savings account in your name. The savings account funds are locked to secure the loan.

Make small monthly payments of principal and interest on your loan. The principal is a payment to yourself and is credited towards the lock on your savings – the interest is what we earn for providing the service.

When your loan is repaid in full, the lock is removed from your savings account. You’ve built both credit and savings.

We provide a free FICO® Score monthly so you can track your progress. 90% of top lenders use FICO Scores when making lending decisions.

*See terms and conditions on website

Build credit with Kikoff, with 0% interest.


You’ll be instantly approved so you can get started that same day. We don’t do a credit check. We definitely don’t do a hard pull on your account, which could negatively impact your score.

Every on-time payment you make will help you build your credit. All it takes is one click—and we’ll send you reminders to make sure.

The first payment will be due around three weeks after you make your purchase. Then they’ll be on the same day of the month, every month.

You can keep track of your remaining balance and credit score at any time, on your Kikoff account.

Sign up for a Kikoff Credit Account! Get instantly approved. No credit check. We’ll open your credit line. You can begin using it immediately. All it takes is one click. We’ll send you reminders so you know exactly when. Sit back and watch your credit grow.


We help you with your credit issues, and obtain a better understanding of how credit actually works.

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